Braces help give you the perfect smile that you’ve always wished for. One of the most ingenious of all orthodontic creations, braces come in various types, and they are all aimed to help to correct the alignment of your teeth. Be it a crooked set of teeth, an overbite, underbite, crossbite, or even gap between teeth, braces help correct them to give you the perfect, confident smile. Visit us a Somi Dental for some of the best braces Miami has to offer.

When we talk braces, we often think about the metal braces that we have seen forever. One of the first entrants into the field of braces, metal braces have been serving orthodontic requirements for a long time now. These traditional braces made of metal are perfect for aligning severely crooked teeth and take about a year to three years’ time to correct the entire teeth structure.


While they do happen to be one of the most effective form of braces available out there in the market, the metal finish is often off-putting for many who don’t feel quite as confident with a piece of metal stuck on to their teeth. That along with some other cons such as maintenance and discomfort led orthodontic research to come up with several more innovative braces such as Fastbraces and Invisalign, and the closest to the traditional braces; ceramic braces.


While Invisalign and Fastbraces, do make for great alternatives for traditional braces, they can be expensive. For the multitude of people who go for braces to correct their teeth structure and also keep dental problems at bay, the above-mentioned procedures can be a bit more expensive than they are willing to shell out.

This brings us back to traditional braces which apart from being more affordable, can also help correct severely affected teeth with a close to 100% accuracy. This article talks about both traditional braces and their ceramic counterparts and also helps you find out which one is more suitable for you.

Although the metallic look of the square braces, is often considered a disadvantage for traditional braces, they happen to be extremely sturdy and as a result a great option for athletes, kids, and people who lead an active lifestyle. However, the same cannot be said for their nicer looking counterparts, the ceramic braces. When searching your options for dental care in Miami, braces could be an option you need to see a doctor for and get an in-person consultation.


Ceramic braces are the same in structure and format as traditional braces. They give a cleaner, clearer look as compared to metallic braces, given their transparent color. Ceramic braces cost a bit more than traditional braces due to their aesthetically pleasing design. If you feel uncomfortable about wearing metal braces to your workplace or to an important event, then ceramic braces might be a great alternative for you.


Just like traditional braces, ceramic braces, too, comprise of a bracket and wire. However, the materials in ceramic braces are different. Instead of metal, these braces are made of transparent material giving them a clear look. The brackets that are cemented to the tooth and the wires are both transparent making them less noticeable.

Though aesthetically pleasing, ceramic braces are not as effective when correcting extreme overcrowding of teeth. This is something which can most effectively be treated by traditional braces. Also, since the material in ceramic/porcelain braces are not as sturdy as that of metal braces, they are vulnerable to breakage or chipping if you end up biting or chewing hard substances like candies or you lead an active lifestyle, like playing sports such as football, rugby, or anything that can lead to an impact to your mouth.

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Whether you are or are not a good candidate for a ceramic brace can only be ascertained by your Somi Dental Group staff after a thorough examination.

Maintaining both traditional and ceramic braces can be quite a task given the wires and the brackets that are cemented to the teeth. However, with ceramic braces, there is an additional concern of staining which might lead your otherwise colorless brace to take on color of the food and drinks with staining qualities, such as tomato sauce, coffee, tea, wine, curries, berries, etc.

The small pieces of elastics that join the wire to the brackets are called ligatures which are generally transparent. However, they are prone to getting stained, as well. You should keep away from food and drinks that stain to keep them looking their best. Dr. Lopez or Dr. Vasquez will change your ligatures upon your visit to adjust your braces.


The colorless ceramic braces are more susceptible to staining as compared to metallic braces, which don’t really stain given their metallic opacity.

In order to keep your braces shining and teeth healthy, it is important to use a fluoride-based toothpaste that will help strengthen your teeth, brush twice, and floss once, every day. Since flossing with braces can be a daunting task, you can use special orthodontic floss to reach the points otherwise inaccessible using basic floss.

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When it comes to both traditional and ceramic braces in Miami, Somi Dental Group is a top choice. We know maintenance can be challenging, but with regular care and good dental habit, you will soon master the art of maintaining top-notch dental hygiene in no time.

Whether you go for traditional braces or ceramic braces has a lot to do with your requirement, budget, and the importance of aesthetics for you. Upon a detailed consultation with our staff at Somi Dental Group, you can figure out which one is the best option for you!