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Leave your smile sparkling

Everything we eat or drink leaves behind a stain on our teeth. This discoloration can make your bright smile look dull and tired. Regular teeth cleaning can restore your teeth to their rightful color and return your sparkling smile.

At Somi Dental Group, we have extensive experience cleaning teeth. The procedure for deep teeth cleaning in Boca Raton we use to get rid of any debris and stains on your teeth can help you get back your beautiful smile. Visit our Boca Raton, FL clinic for treatment.

Safeguard your dental health by eliminating harmful bacteria

Aesthetic benefits aside, teeth cleaning is immensely helpful in protecting your teeth from harmful bacteria.

There are over 700 different types of bacteria located in our mouth. While some are helpful, others are harmful. When we don’t maintain proper oral hygiene, any food particles, particularly sugary and starchy food get stuck in between your teeth and stimulate the increase of oral bacteria. When bacteria break-down these leftover particles, they release chemicals that can destroy the enamel and dentin.

In many severe cases, oral bacteria can lead to bad breath and periodontal disease. Many times, this bacterial infection is worsened when you smoke or if you’re on certain types of medication. In such instances, the infection spreads faster, causing tooth decay.

Regular teeth cleaning can get rid of these particles stuck between your teeth and protect your teeth from harmful bacteria.

Our teeth cleaning process

At Somi Dental Group, our Boca Raton dentists use state-of-the-art teeth cleaning technology to give your teeth a thorough and deep cleaning. We start the process with a dental evaluation where we will identify the extent of cleaning required. A concave mirror is used to look inside your mouth to identify signs of any teeth/gum conditions like plaque, tartar or cavities and we plan the treatment accordingly.

Next, we start the treatment. Anesthesia is not typically provided for teeth cleaning, because it isn’t a very painful procedure. However, you may request our dentists for minor numbing, in case you suffer from teeth sensitivity and pain.
Our experienced specialists will start by using a scaler to remove the plaque and tartar that is built-up between the teeth and along the gum line. While manual scaling is the typical treatment method, larger plaque/tartar deposits will be removed using an ultrasonic scaler. As the deposits are scaled-off, a stream of water is gently applied to the treatment side to wash-off the debris.

Next, we use a specialized dental polishing tool to gently polish your teeth and create a clear, stain-free surface. We apply a thick layer of prophylaxis paste during the polishing, to remove food/beverage stains and discoloration from the teeth. Next, we remove any larger food particles by flossing your teeth.

Our experienced Boca Raton dentists end the teeth cleaning treatment by applying a fluoride toothpaste to your teeth. The fluoride in the paste will kill any remaining bacteria that have survived the cleaning so far. After allowing the paste to rest for a minute or two, you will be asked to rinse your mouth.

The entire procedure for teeth cleaning in Boca Raton may take between 30 to 60 minutes to be completed.

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When to consider teeth cleaning?

Teeth cleaning is a really helpful procedure that leaves you feeling refreshed and looking as if you have a new set of teeth. You should consider getting your teeth cleaned if:

  • Your teeth are looking very yellow/brown.
  • You have consistent bad breath despite brushing and using mouthwash.
  • You have noticed an increase in plaque/tartar on your teeth.
  • You have low self-confidence because of the poor appearance of your teeth.

Teeth cleaning is a very safe procedure that can be received by anyone, children included. Our dentists at Somi Dental Group are reputed in Boca Raton for their professional service.

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Preserving the results of teeth cleaning after the treatment

Often, people go back to their regular oral hygiene and dietary practices after teeth cleaning, which can result in your teeth starting to look yellow again. One way to prevent discoloration and plaque formation is to maintain a healthy diet and adopt a good dental care plan.

Stop smoking and avoid drinking coffee/tea/cola, as these can stain your teeth. Limit the amount of starchy and sugary foods you eat as this can cause plaque. Use fluoride toothpaste and mouthwash to clean your teeth and floss twice a day.

Remember to schedule teeth cleaning once every 6 months, as this will prevent any oral conditions from developing. For the best teeth cleaning Boca Raton can provide, contact us today.

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