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Helping you maintain your dental hygenie

Your teeth deserve the very best. With timely dental treatments, you can maintain the health of your pearly whites and preserve your beautiful smile. At Somi Dental Group, we have years of experience helping men and women of all ages restore their teeth to their best condition. Our Boca Raton general dentists have expertise in dental treatments and dental surgery, allowing us to give you the best health and cosmetic results. Visit our Boca Raton, FL facility to speak to a member of our team.

Getting rid of plaque and tartar in no time at all

Poor dental hygiene can lead to discoloration of the teeth and the formation of plaque. If this plaque isn’t cleaned, it can harden into tartar, which can ruin your appearance by giving your teeth a brownish-black appearance. If you’re not careful, this bacterial build-up can seep deep into your teeth, causing a variety of dental infections.

Regular teeth cleaning can prevent any dental infections, while also helping you clear up the plaque and tartar deposits on your teeth. Our qualified dentists will thoroughly wash your teeth, scrape away the plaque and tartar and leave behind completely blemish-free and clean teeth.

Dental bonding can help you improve your teeth’s appearance

If you’re looking to get bright and white teeth, then you can consider undergoing dental bonding treatment. Dental bonding is the application of composite resin to the surface of your natural teeth, to reduce the appearance of discoloration, chipping, and minor misalignment.
We start by first selecting a dental bond which matches your teeth’s natural color. Then we roughen the surface of your teeth using a specialized tool and then paste the bond on your teeth using dental cement. Any cosmetic issues will immediately disappear, leaving behind beautiful teeth.

Fill in breakage and chipping with medical-grade dental fillings

Sometimes, dental bonding isn’t sufficient to fill in severe breakage in your teeth. In these cases, you can have your teeth filled in with materials like composite resin, porcelain, silver amalgam, gold, and sometimes, a type of glass.

Fillings are also a great treatment when you have cavities. The open wound in your teeth can reduce its structural strength, causing it to become loose and fall-off. Bacteria can build-up easily in the exposed layers of the teeth, making you vulnerable to root infection.

The filling will close-up the open layers of the teeth, protecting it from bacteria, and give them the support they need to remain attached to the jaw.

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Protect your teeth from bacterial infection with a root canal surgery

Do your teeth hurt tremendously? Are your gums tender to the touch? Have you developed a dental abscess? These are all signs of rotting in the dental root.

Many times, poor oral hygiene can cause excessive bacterial build-up, which can seep into the deeper layers of the teeth. Here, the bacteria attack the sensitive tooth pulp – a collection of tissues and nerves that supply nutrition and blood to the teeth – causing it to decay. If untreated, this rot can spread to other teeth and cause numerous problems.

The root canal surgery is designed to surgically remove the diseased pulp from the root canal inside your teeth. We will carefully drill a small hole on the infected tooth, resect the decayed pulp and fill in the tooth using medical-grade dental fillings.

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Has the infection spread to your gums? Our periodontal surgeons can help

Periodontal disease (or gum disease) is a very real threat to anyone. It is a slow-setting disease that can take years to show symptoms, but it can quickly worsen and affect the health of your entire mouth.

Thankfully, there is a way to treat gum disease. Periodontal surgery can help address the infection in the gums and restore your gums to optimal health. With timely medical intervention, you can prevent further infection and protect your teeth from falling out.

The bacterial infection can spread to various parts of the gums, including the gingiva, cementum, alveolar bone, and periodontal ligament. Our periodontal specialists will evaluate your gum thoroughly and design a surgical treatment that can eliminate all signs of infection and decay in the gums.

We will transfer healthy tissues from the roof of your mouth or a section of healthy gums and then graft it in the place where the gum is diseased.

Visit our Boca Raton dental clinic for state-of-the-art laser dentistry

Traditional dental surgeries are often not the right choice for everyone. For instance, conventional dental surgery may be dangerous for your pre-existing medical conditions, or it may involve a longer healing period. In such cases, you can always opt for laser dentistry.
At Somi Dental Group, we use cutting-edge laser technology to provide non-invasive dental treatments. Laser technology can be used to safely treat everything from mouth lesions to dental cavities to oral tumors. It can provide the relief you seek, without affecting the surrounding healthy tissues.

One of the biggest advantages of laser dental treatments is that they are ideal for people of all ages. Now you don’t have to worry about your kids going under the knife.

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We are equipped to handle emergencies

The highly experienced Boca Raton general dentists at Somi Dental Group are equipped to handle any dental emergency. We have decades of expertise helping patients who require immediate and intensive dental care.

Our dental clinic in Boca Raton, FL, is fully-equipped with the best-in-class technology necessary for emergency procedures. Our staff is always on-call and you can reach out to us for emergency treatments, night or day.

Our experience as dental surgeons includes treating victims of accidents, crimes, and sports injuries. You can trust us for premium-quality care. Our specialists are reputed for their professionalism and bedside manner. You can count on us for customized, emergency medical care.

Dental treatments have never been safer

Many people hesitate, sometimes fear dental treatments because of the pain involved. At Somi Dental Group, every treatment – surgical and non-surgical – is performed only after putting the patient under sedation.

We use body-safe nitrous oxide to numb the treatment site, thereby reducing discomfort and pain. Depending on your unique requirements and preferences, we can provide anesthesia either intravenously or externally. While this sedation doesn’t put you to sleep, it will numb the area during treatment. If required, we will provide general anesthesia.

At Somi Dental Group, our number one priority is your comfort and safety. You can trust us to make your experience risk-free and pleasant.