Sometimes, there may arise the need to have multiple teeth replaced. At Somi Dental Group we offer some of the best dental implants Boynton Beach has to offer, one of our multiple solutions for patients who wish to get new teeth fitted in the place of the old. One such treatment procedure which is recommended by dentists is the dental implant.

Dental implants are replacement teeth that are screwed onto the patient’s jaw bone, as a permanent fix for broken or missing teeth. While a dental bridge can be placed when necessary, multiple dental implants are better suited when two or more teeth are damaged, loose or diseased.

At Somi Dental Group & Orthodontics, our dentists and orthodontists have extensive experience performing dental implant procedures. In addition to inserting a single dental implant, we also insert multiple implants when the patient needs them. Take a look at our Before & After gallery page, to see how realistic our dental implants look and how much they’ve helped the patients who’ve undergone this procedure.

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  • They resemble natural teeth in appearance.
  • They are extremely hard wearing and highly durable.
  • They don’t need constant replacement, making them budget-friendly in the long run.
  • They preserve the strength and structural integrity of the jaw bone.
  • They are safer for the surrounding, healthy teeth.
  • They require the same type of care as natural teeth and nothing more.
  • They are relatively permanent.
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Multiple dental implants are not placed in the same way as single unit dental implants. If a single implant needs to be inserted, your doctor at Somi Dental Group will directly screw on the implant to the patient’s jaw bone or may put in place a bone graft, into which the implant will be placed.

However, when multiple dental implants need to be inserted, Dr. Lopez and Dr. Vasquez will use what is called an implant-supported bridge, to insert the implants. This dental equipment isn’t a traditional dental bridge. Instead, it is an amalgamation of a bridge and an implant.

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In an implant-supported bridge, a few screws are drilled into the natural bone, and then a durable dental bridge is tightened onto the screws to create a row of beautiful, flawless teeth. It consists of 3 components:

Implants: These are the titanium screws that are inserted into your jaw bone. The bridge will come on top of these implants.

Abutments: These are custom-made or pre-fabricated cylindrical equipment which is screwed onto the implants. They provide support to the bridge post-fitment.

Restoration: These are the crowns that are attached on top of the abutments. They resemble natural teeth. They are typically made of porcelain, although they can also be made of gold.


Patients often ask us why we don’t just implant multiple teeth directly onto the jaw bone. The reason has to do with the integrity of the bone. Activities like chewing and teeth grinding can have a very huge impact on an implant. Since an implant is essentially a foreign object fitted into the jaw using a screw, any impact experienced by the implant will add a lot of strain on the jaw bone. Now imagine having 4-5 individual implants in your jaw bone and simultaneously experiencing intense stress and burn from each of these implants. Painful!

The implant-supported bridge uses up to 4 implants for each arch, irrespective of the number of teeth you need replaced. So, whether you need just 2 teeth replaced on your upper arch or 10 teeth replaced, the number of actual implant screws will be limited to 4 at the most. Therefore, even if you need all the 32 teeth in your mouth replaced, you’ll need only 8 implant screws in your jaw bone. This will significantly reduce the stress and pain you may experience in your mouth.


The treatment starts with a CT scan of your mouth to identify where the nerves and sensitive tissues are located in your mouth. Next, bone density is checked to see if you require any bone augmentation or not. If you do, a small part of the bone from your hip is taken and grafted into your jaw. This may take a few months to heal.

Once your jaw is healed, our dentists at Somi Dental Group & Orthodontics will place the implants, abutments, and restoration onto your jaw. The recovery time is 2-3 weeks, after which the swelling and pain will come down. Our doctors can prescribe pain medication if you need it.

At Somi Dental Group we have lots of experience with dental implants and their installation. We provide the highest quality dental implants in Boynton Beach. Contact us today if you have any questions or drop by our office in Boynton Beach.