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Somi Dental Group has become known for delivering the best Fastbraces Boynton Beach has available. But, what are Fastbraces? Fastbraces are a revolutionary orthodontic technology that helps you realign your teeth and improve your bite using specially designed braces. Unlike traditional square braces, Fastbraces have triangular-shaped brackets and a superelastic wire that help align the tooth’s root and the crown simultaneously, thus taking less time to align the entire tooth structure. With Fastbraces, you can expect to see results in less than a year’s time, and in some cases, even within 3 months’ time.


Traditionally, braces work over a period of two years to straighten the alignment of teeth. The first year is focused on straightening the crown and the second year focuses on the root. Needless to say, this means two years of painful wires in your teeth and frequent visits to the dentist for readjustment. Fastbraces has done away with all that by bringing down treatment time to just one year and in some cases just three months, using their revolutionary orthodontic technology which cuts treatment time and expense in half.

Fastbraces comprise of innovative triangular brackets, instead of the usual square brackets, and are secured with a square-shaped super-elastic wire. This patented design allows for Fastbraces to start working on the root of the tooth from the very beginning, thereby making quick results both possible and visible.


Fastbraces have been around since 1992. Since then, thousands of patients have undergone treatment using Fastbraces and are extremely happy and satisfied with the results. Over time, Fastbraces, too, has evolved into a state-of-the-art orthodontic tool, which give patients a chance to realign and correct the structure of their teeth in less time and with virtually no pain. Some patients have even reported a marked improvement in only a few weeks!

Its ease of use makes Fastbraces a great alternative to traditional braces for both children and adults

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Using physics to out-maneuver nature.

Typically, any crooked tooth has a crooked root which makes it stand the way it does. Fastbraces, because of their triangular design and superelastic wire, increases the distance between the braces by almost twice that of traditional braces, giving both teeth and their roots plenty of room and just the right amount of pressure to correct their alignment, thereby straightening them and bringing them to the right position.

Think of it this way, when your teeth come in naturally, very light forces are pushing them up through the gums. They come in slowly so as to not damage the gums or jaw, nature intended it this way. Fastbraces use this same principle, they apply light forces to shift the crowns and roots of the teeth. The extra space due to its triangular braces and super-elasticity of its square-shaped wire gently move the teeth to the desired position. All this make them one of the most effective dental solutions when it comes to alignment correction.


Through many years of application and thorough research around Fastbraces, it has been found that this innovative orthodontic treatment is not only quick and easy to apply but also promises low friction and low sensitivity with no more risk than that of traditional braces. The lesser pain factor has been a winning point for many Fastbraces users, as they not only undergo treatment for half the amount of time than that of patients with traditional braces but also that they can forget about the pain aspect of traditional braces.

The technology used by our Fastbraces Boynton Beach team works with less friction because they use the dynamic nature of the super-elastic wire and the natural temperature of the mouth and tooth tendency to apply just the amount of pressure necessary to correct tooth alignment, gradually.

Also, the fact that Fastbraces are on for less time means maintaining hygiene is an easier task thus leading to fewer chances of tooth decay. With fewer visits to your dentist due to quick treatment time and less maintenance required, Fastbraces make for an affordable and easy dental solution when it comes to straightening the alignment of teeth.


There are a number of dental conditions that Fastbraces can help correct. Here’s a quick glimpse and brief description of one each of them:

Crowded teeth: A widespread dental condition, crowded teeth occur when there isn’t enough space in the jaw to house all the teeth. In order to make room for themselves, teeth overlap and twist to stand and, in the process, push each other forward, or backward which give the entire teeth structure a crowded look. Another anomaly that occurs due to crowded teeth is a high canine, in which the canine appears much higher in the jaw than the other teeth.

Overbite: Overbite occurs when the upper row of teeth overlaps the lower row. Though a bit of overbite is normal for each and every individual, dentists mention an overbite of 5% – 25% is acceptable. However, anything beyond that might affect the teeth by wearing them down early and also leading to pain in the jaw.

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Underbite: It’s just the opposite of overbite, where the lower jaw juts forward and overlaps the upper row of teeth. Underbite can substantially affect both speech and ability to chew properly.

Crossbite: This occurs when some of your upper front teeth go behind your lower front teeth when you close your mouth, giving your teeth structure a crisscross look. Crossbite can cause serious problems such as wearing down and chipping of the tooth and receding gums that can lead to bone loss and severe gum problems.

Gap teeth: When you have spaces between two or more teeth, the condition is called gap teeth. The gap might cause food and debris to get stuck in between your teeth causing your gums to become sore and tender. If neglected for a long time, it might lead to severe gum disease.

The perfect smile is not difficult to achieve, especially when there are such wonderful dental treatment options like Fastbraces which are quick, easy, affordable and require little maintenance. Contact us today at Somi Dental Group and schedule your consultation now!