Considering Wisdom Tooth Removal?
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Does your wisdom tooth hurt? If your answer is yes, it is best to get it extracted. The team of highly-experienced dental surgeons at Somi Dental Group can perform wisdom teeth removal in Boca Raton to alleviate your pain and discomfort.

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Where is the wisdom tooth located in your mouth?

The wisdom tooth is the third molar that is the last tooth to erupt on each side of the upper and lower jaws in humans. Typically, people have one wisdom tooth in each quadrant of the mouth. However, some individuals may not have wisdom teeth. This is usually because:

  • There is no space for the wisdom teeth to erupt.
  • You are genetically predisposed to not have wisdom teeth.
  • Usually, wisdom teeth can erupt between the ages of 17 and 25, but they can also come in later.

Should everyone get their wisdom teeth removed?

Not everyone who has wisdom teeth needs to get them extracted. If you observe the following signs, your wisdom teeth are healthy and no removal is necessary:

  • Your wisdom teeth have fully erupted and grown properly.
  • The bite is correct and you don’t experience any pain or problems when chewing.
  • Your wisdom teeth are healthy, with no signs of teeth infection or gum disease.

Signs that you may need to extract your wisdom tooth

Wisdom teeth need to be removed if they are:

  • Damaged (fractured or chipped).
  • Impacted (haven’t been able to come out because of lack of space in the mouth and are stuck at the surface of the gums).
  • Partially erupted (haven’t fully come out and are only part-way erupted).
  • Infected (root is diseased or abscess/cavity is formed).

Our Boca Raton dentists at Somi Dental Group can quickly assess the wisdom tooth’s damage and quickly extract it. We will develop a customized treatment procedure that ensures you have a smooth experience free from pain and discomfort. We are known for easy wisdom teeth removal in Boca Raton.

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What happens if you ignore wisdom teeth problems?

If you don’t remove affected wisdom teeth, you may experience intense pain and discomfort, which can affect your ability to eat. You may also notice other signs of serious infection, such as:

  • Tender gums
  • Bleeding in the gums
  • Cysts or tumors on the gums
  • Alignment problems in nearby teeth (as the wisdom teeth push the other teeth aside)
  • Gum decay or disease
  • Bad breath
  • Stiffness in the jaw
  • Bad taste in the mouth
  • Facial swelling

Immediate treatment is necessary to prevent permanent damage to your gums and jaws. Our dental surgeons can help you safeguard the health of your teeth through quick wisdom teeth removal.

Caring for your teeth after wisdom tooth removal

Teeth extractions can be painful and you’ll experience pain after the surgery. We prescribe pain medication, which can offer the relief you seek. You can use ice packs to reduce the facial swelling and inflammation which is common after the wisdom tooth removal.

The surgical site will be tender for at least 7 to 10 days. This is why you shouldn’t do any activity that may cause you to grind your teeth against the surgical site. Avoid drinking fluids that are too hot or too cold and stick to a soft diet.

Wait for 24 hours to brush your teeth and be careful to avoid touching the surgical site with a toothbrush for a few days. You should ideally gargle your mouth with lukewarm salt water every two hours until the site heals.

Wisdom tooth extraction at our Boca Raton dentistry clinic

Our procedure for wisdom teeth removal in Boca Raton starts with a detailed 3D scan. We first understand how your wisdom tooth affects the rest of your teeth and if there’s been any extensive damage because of the wisdom tooth. Depending on your requirement, we remove one or multiple wisdom teeth during the surgery.

We put you under sedation during the surgery so there’s no pain or discomfort during the procedure. Then we create a small incision on the area of the wisdom tooth and the tooth is accessed. We extract it carefully, ensuring that the nearby teeth and the gums don’t get damaged or misaligned.

Any infection at the surgical site is also treated and damaged tissues are resected. A special solution is used to clean the site to kill any bacteria. Then the incision is carefully closed using medical-grade stitches. Gauze is placed on the surgical site to reduce bleeding.

The same procedure is used to extract other affected wisdom teeth. In some instances, depending on your current dental health, our Boca Raton dentists may recommend preventative wisdom tooth removal, this is removing a wisdom tooth even if it doesn’t show signs of damage or infection. This is to ensure you don’t face any dental problems due to your wisdom teeth in the future.

Will a wisdom tooth grow back after the surgery?

No, it won’t. Just as with any other teeth, wisdom teeth don’t grow back after extraction. Once removed, you won’t have any teeth in the place where the wisdom teeth were before.

Only in very rare cases, people have more than one wisdom tooth in each of the four quadrants of the mouth. These are called supernumerary teeth. If our specialists identify that these extra teeth are affecting the health of your primary teeth and gums, they may extract those as well.

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