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What is a root canal and how does it get infected?

A root canal treatment can relieve you of the pain and discomfort due to severe tooth infection and decay. At Somi Dental Group, our dental surgeons have years of experience treating infected root canals in Boca Raton. We will evaluate the health of your teeth and provide the root canal treatment to eliminate the tooth infection.

Deep inside, the teeth are composed of a series of nerves, blood vessels, and connective tissues called “ tooth pulp” that help in developing the teeth and keeping them healthy. This pulp is located in a hollow section inside the teeth, called the root canal.

When a person doesn’t maintain the right oral hygiene, bacteria start to build-up on the teeth. Extensive bacterial build-up can infect the pulp inside the root canal and cause intense discomfort.

The root canal treatment is designed to treat this infection in the root canal and restore your teeth to their optimal health.

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Signs that you need a root canal

You may have to undergo the root canal treatment if you notice the following symptoms/signs:

  • Pain while chewing.
  • Tooth cracking or chipping suddenly.
  • Gums are inflamed and tender.
  • Gums start to blacken and they bleed when brushing.
  • Pimple/boil-like growths on the gums.
  • Teeth sensitivity whenever you eat or drink something hot/cold.
  • Presence of abscess on your teeth.
patient's smile after handling root canals in Boca Raton

The root canal treatment

Our procedure for handling root canals in Boca Raton starts with an extensive evaluation of your teeth. Our dentists will identify the infected teeth and the severity of the infection. Next, they will administer local anesthesia to alleviate the pain. Root canal treatment is invasive since it involves accessing the interior of the tooth and treating it. It can be painful and anesthesia can make the procedure bearable.

Once you are numbed, our dentists will start by drilling a small hole on the tooth to access the root canal. Next, they will clean the canal completely by removing the rotten and infected tooth pulp.

Our dentists will use specially-formulated irrigation solutions to kill any bacteria still inside the canal. Once your tooth is decontaminated, they will fill-up the empty root canal with body-safe rubberlike material called gutta-percha.

This completes the first part of the root canal treatment. The absence of pulp means the treated tooth is effectively dead or a dummy tooth. While it will continue to look authentic, it will have no sensation because there are no nerves inside. This is why you don’t feel any pain in the treated tooth after the root canal treatment.

The absence of the pulp also means that the tooth doesn’t receive any nutrition. So, the outer layers of the tooth become brittle and vulnerable to breakage. A crown is needed to protect this weak tooth – and this is the second part of your root canal in Boca Raton.

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Fitting the crown

Dental crowns are prosthetic restorations that are used to cover-up damaged teeth. The crown is cemented onto the natural teeth permanently, where it will protect the sensitive teeth from breakage.

After the root canal treatment, we may have to reshape your teeth to make sure there is sufficient space to install the crown. Once this is done, our dentists will take an impression of your teeth using putty. This will allow us to customize the crown to suit your teeth’s unique structure and shape.

Crowns are made using a variety of materials, such as resin, porcelain, and gold/platinum alloys. Our specialists can advise you on the best choice, depending on your needs and budget.

It will take from 2 to 4 weeks for your crown to be ready and arrive at our Boca Raton dental clinic. You will be asked to visit us for the crown fitting and once everything is confirmed, we will use specially-created dental cement to paste the crown onto your teeth. This dental cement is body-friendly and is capable of bearing intense wear and tear.

Dealing with pain after the root canal

Your root canal in Boca Raton can be painful for a few days after the procedure is over. After all, you have just undergone an invasive treatment. If you’re careful about how you care for your teeth, this pain should reduce in a week.

At SOMI Dental Group, our dental surgeons will prescribe pain medication for you. Be sure to take all your medications on time. You must avoid solid foods for a few weeks after the procedure to prevent any tooth sensitivity and pain. Soft and lukewarm foods like oatmeal, lukewarm vegetable puree, mashed fruits,

pasta/noodles, and tofu can be eaten without any concern. Skip hot coffee/tea, cold juices, and ice cream during your recovery.

Caring for your teeth after the root canal treatment

It’s very important to continue with your daily dental care procedure after your treatment, this way you’ll prevent other healthy teeth from developing root decay. We want to ensure you get the best results possible with our root canals in Boca Raton. Continue to brush and floss twice daily, but don’t floss near the crown, as it can come off if it hasn’t set yet. We can recommend a gentle toothpaste enriched with essential nutrients that can strengthen your teeth and gums.

It is also essential to rest your facial muscles when recovering from a root canal. This is why you shouldn’t smoke, chew gum, do facial movements, or exercise, as all of these can make you accidentally grind your teeth.
If you have any questions about the procedure or the aftercare techniques, you can always contact our Boca Raton, FL dental clinic. Our experienced dentists at Somi Dental Group are here to assist you.